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According to a British study, women with Big Booty would be more intelligent than others.

University of Oxford researchers have analyzed the morphology of 16,000 women. They came to the conclusion that those with a Big Booty are not only healthier but also have a more developed brain, says ABC News. IQ would be proportional to the amount of fat present in the Butt.

The causal link is quite absurd yet. People apple-shaped (fat belly) are more likely to develop cholesterol problems or diabetes and are at greater risk of heart attacks than those pear-shaped (curves in the hips, butt and thighs) . The fat stored in the belly would be more detrimental effect because metabolically more active.

About the cognitive abilities, they also benefit. The fat cells in the fat in the big booty tend to store more omega 3 fatty acids recognized as beneficial for the development of the brain. British researchers even say that children born to mothers with Onion Booty and hips are more intelligent than those born to a slimmer woman. This is information that will end many complex ...